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Installing Enso

Once you have succesfully downloaded the Enso media from our Download section you are now ready to start the process of getting it installed on your machine. To do this we will first have to burn the image to a flash drive and onto the machine from that.

You can run the operating system from the flash drive to demo it before installing (note that once restarted all data is wiped) or from a virtual envrionment such as VMware player.

Burning to a flash drive

Using the Etcher application which you should also now have installed on your machine we can pair these two elements together to burn the image onto your pen drive, this can be achieved in 3 steps

This process will wipe the drive so make sure everything you need has been removed from the device and double check Etcher shows the correct drive at step 2!

Etcher disk burner Etcher

  1. First select the Enso image

  2. If an device is connected this should be picked up by the application

  3. Click Flash!

The device will now contain Enso OS

Booting from flash drive

Now you have the operating system installed onto your device you will need to reboot your machine and boot from the USB flash drive

Doing this on most machines is relatively straight forward, and is simply about lanuching the BIOS boot device option, on the restart of your machine press and hold F12 and select the USB option - this may be different for your machine as all laptops and computers may have a different method of achiving this.

In adition to this the secure boot feature of the device will have to be disabled. To achive this instead of pressing F12 on boot press F2 (your machine may be different) navigate to the secure boot option and disable it. Then save the settings and your machine will reboot, on this reboot press F12 again and select the USB option.

If all works your machine will boot into Enso and you will see a black screen with a little man and a keyboard at the bottom.

After this a few parts of dialouge will come and go but just leave it to load, the OS will then be loaded and you will be presented with two options

Try Enso

Try icon

Try Enso - this is the live environment where you can use a demo version of the system, but all data will be wiped when shutdown

Try Enso - Demo Environment


If you would like to get familiar with Enso before installing proceed to our learn page >

Install Enso

Install icon

Install Enso - this will take you to begin the installation process to install Enso on the current machine (steps below)

Install Steps

Step 1 - Welcome

Starting with the screen below you can simply select the language that you would like the installer to be in

Install welcome

Step 2 - Connect (will only show if no internet connection)

This step will only show if no internet connection is present, so if using in a Virtual Machine it's not likely to.

Simply select the access point you wish to connect to and type in the password to allow the connection.

You can continue without connecting to a network

Step 3 - Pre-install

On the below screen you are presented with two options which you can select or leave unselected

Download updates while installing Enso as desrcibed this option if selected will install any updates that have been released since the build of Enso you are installing.

Install third party software again the description has all the information you need to know, planning on playing MP3 songs or watching something with Flash? It would be a good idea to get these libraries pre-installed for you

Install preinstall

Step 4 - Install type

Here you can select how much of the machine you would like Enso to use

Erase disk and install Enso As desribed in on the screen this will wipe - deleting everything from this machine and install Enso as the only OS on the machine

Install alongside current OS (this option does not appear in the image below) but if you already have an operating system installed on the machine Enso can be installed alongside it, it will take up some of the space which that system is currently using (by selection)

Encrypt the Enso install this is a good option to choose if you are worried about somebody else gaining access to your laptop or hard drive as it will encrypt the data stored on it. This option will take up more space and make your system run a bit slower as it has more data to read from disk

(selecting this option will add another screen to the process to allow the configuration of a security key)

Something else allows you to set up partitions manually - only advised if you know what you're doing

Install type

Step 5 - Choose your timezone

Simply select where in the world you reside by clicking on your location on the map or selecting it from the dropdown menu

Install timezone

Step 6 - Keyboard layout

Select which keyboard layout you are going to need to use our system properly, this should default to your location but you may need to alter it

Install timezone

Step 7 - User details

Last step is to set up your user details to get into the system simply enter your name, computer name and a password to secure the device

Install timezone

The install process will now kick in and take some time depending on your system

VMware envrionment

If installing on VMware follow all the steps above as normal, vmware-tools come pre-installed with Enso so with a couple of commands you can get it up and running

After install open a terminal by pressing Ctrl Alt T together and run the following commands

sudo -d - if prompted type in your password - after that has completed then to start the vmware tools type in vmware-user - if you then resize your VMware player or Workspace the screen resolution should automatically change to fit the size, you will also be able to copy and paste files from your host OS into the virtual machine