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Welcome to Enso Docs

Our operating system is designed for individuals of all abilities from beginner to expert and this guide is set out to refelct that by providing easy to understand information for all

Our goal

Our goal is to create a simple and usable environment that can run on any machine on earth, no matter how old. There are some great open source projects out there and we aim to incorporate our favourites into our OS

Getting started

First things first

Enso OS is built on GNU/Linux (aka Linux), if you are unfamiliar with Linux you may wish to get some further information, you can find a very detailed - Wikipedia article about Linux which contains far more information than I could provide regarding the matter.

There is already tons of information across the internet regarding the differences of Linux and Windows Googled here that should be able to provide you all the information that you need to know.

If you are looking to install Enso on your laptop but are unsure about whether it is compatible, use these helpful tools provided by Ubuntu here or Debian here to help, Enso is built on Ubuntu so a system that works with Ubuntu should work with Enso

A more technical explenation

Enso OS is a custom build of Xubuntu 16.04.03, which incorporates Xfce over the top of Ubuntu, Enso intergrates Gala WM (from the elementary project) into Xfce to give it some nice animations and further function. It also comes with Panther Launcher (a fork of elementary's Slingshot) with slight tweaks to enable it to work better with Xfce, and Plank the 'simplest dock on the planet' to swtich between applications.


Enso OS is ready to download, get version 0.2.1 now!

Download Enso OS

In our installation tutorial we will be using Etcher to burn Enso to a USB pen drive, you can find the installation media of this application on their site this application will work on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. You can also use whichever application you see fit.


Like our work? For our project to contiune we are soley based on your donations, we don't add any spyware on spamware to our software in order to keep it running smothely and to protect your privacy.

Getting involved

If you wish to get involved in this project whether it's from a design / develoment or something else perspective then head over to our Github page

You can also report any issues with our software here